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Terms of Agreement

John P. Brooks & Family
North Dallas Funeral Home
Terms of Agreement

The following documents are intended for use only when a death has occurred and are not necessarily designed to best suit the needs of individuals wishing to pre-plan funeral arrangements. Some of these documents will be considered invalid if signed and/or notarized prior to a death occurring. If you are looking to pre-plan funeral arrangements please contact North Dallas Funeral Home for further direction and instruction. We can be reached by calling 1-800-300-1655. Additionally, the packages & products described on are offered at special rates which may include an administrative discount. These rates and specials are available only to families who accept & agree to the terms set out on our website. This is including, but is not limited to, furnishing North Dallas Funeral Home Cremation Service & Funeral Homes the following documents once they have been filled to completion, allowing North Dallas Funeral Home to publish a death notice for your loved one in the Dallas Morning News for a standard fee of $125, accepting that these rates and specials cannot be used for individuals wishing to pre-purchase funeral arrangements prior to a death occurring, understanding that only the items & services listed within your selected package are included & that any additional items, services and/or special requests may be provided at an additional cost after being discussed with one of North Dallas Funeral Home’s funeral professionals. The prices shown apply only to families making arrangements by way of our online system and not to families wishing to make funeral arrangements & have documents prepared at one of our facilities. Declining one or more of the terms described on our website may cause removal of discounts and/or specials from any contract. If you feel that one or more of these terms cannot or should not be enforced please call North Dallas Funeral Home as soon as possible & we will discuss your specific needs. You are also asked to agree to contacting the North Dallas Funeral Home location of your choice for the purpose of setting an appointment prior to arriving at the location. Since we strive to ensure that our families are treated with utmost respect we make it our goal to give each family our undivided, full attention. We wish to extend this standard to your family and ask only that you make an appointment before arriving so that we may be sure to have one of our caring professionals available to assist you.

It is the responsibility of the individual reading these terms of agreement to make the next-of-kin, informant, primary family contact and contract purchaser aware of our terms. No exceptions will be made to this rule. The terms described on are designed to allow our family of funeral professionals to best serve you. If you would like assistance in completing the necessary documents or if you have questions in general regarding the planning of a funeral please call North Dallas Funeral Home.

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Important Information

    • When a Death has occurred please call us to make arrangements and to have one of our care team members assist you and your family immediately.

Toll-free: 1-800-300-1655 Local: 972-241-9100

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    1. Fax the forms back to us at: 972-406-1480

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Additional Information


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